Music History Resources

Each year, the May Festival includes choral music from hundreds of years ago and new music completed just months (or weeks!) before the Festival begins. Learn about choral music from different stylistic periods in our quick introduction to choral music history.

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Voice Type Resources

The human voice is an astonishing instrument, and no two voices are alike! Many voices share similar characteristics, though, and composers and singers use common categories, or voice types, to identify them. In this video series, we’ll hear from a skilled group of singers about what makes their voice type distinctive.

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Solfege: The Untold Story

Many people know the song “Do, Re, Mi” from The Sound of Music, and some might use solfege as a music learning tool. But did you know these syllables have been used to teach music for almost a thousand years? Learn about the fascinating origins of solfege at the link below.

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