Choral Clinics

The May Festival is pleased to offer choral clinics with the May Festival’s artistic staff for any and all school, community, and church choirs in greater Cincinnati. Clinics are offered free of charge and are a valued aspect of the May Festival’s commitment to our region’s robust singing culture. Past clinics have explored many areas of choral practice, including vocal technique, language and diction skills, performance or assessment readiness, youth singers and changing voices, audition techniques and preparedness, and more. Ensemble leaders have also requested professional development sessions exploring repertoire selection, warmups and group voice training, and conducting and rehearsal technique. Our staff is eager to engage with local ensembles and choral leaders, and we welcome the chance to craft an memorable experience to the benefit of your ensemble. 

To request a choral clinic for your ensemble with Director of Choruses Robert Porco, Associate Director of Choruses Matthew Swanson, or another member of the May Festival staff, email Matthew Swanson or fill out the form below. We look forward to hearing from you!