May 23, 2024 | 7:30 pm | Music Hall

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Michael GORDON: Natural History

Julia WOLFE: Anthracite Fields


Music Hall

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Celebrating the natural wonders of earth and the perseverance of miners in Pennsylvania coal country, this program reflects both the beauty and tragedy of humanity’s relationship with our planet. Natural History is a collaboration between composer Michael Gordon and the Steiger Butte Singers. Written and commissioned to mark the centennial of the National Park System, the piece poses the question: If Crater Lake National Park were a symphony, what would it sound like? The result is a surround-sound celebration of nature and the park’s spiritual connection to the surrounding community. In contrast, Julia Wolfe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Anthracite Fields is a haunting and powerful oratorio that captures not only the sadness of lives lost in the anthracite coal fields at the turn of the 20th century, but a way of daily life now also lost. The Bang on a Can All-Stars lend their ferocity to this profound work alongside the May Festival Chorus.

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Pre-Concert Talk
6:30- 7 PM Pre-concert talk with Matthew Swanson, Julia Wolfe, Michael Gordon and a representative from the Steiger Butte Tribe in Corbett Tower

This concert is sponsored by Steven Sunderman with appreciation and admiration to the entire May Festival family.