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Lisa Koressel

Business Leader Finds Artistic Outlet in May Festival


Lisa Koressel knows Robert Porco’s name now, but she didn’t when she first auditioned with him in 1993.

After graduating from Ball State University, Lisa returned home to Cincinnati and began working as a telemarketer for Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park. There, a coworker and May Festival singer told her about the Chorus, the opportunities to perform with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, and the challenging repertoire, which was actually very similar to the work Lisa had performed as a member of Ball State’s esteemed Chamber Choir. With his encouragement, Lisa decided to audition and get back to the business of performing.

The May Festival had been rehearsing for two months already when Lisa auditioned, so she was a bit nervous that she would not be asked to join. However, her past choral experience served her well. Mr. Porco was impressed and invited Lisa to become a member of the Chorus that day and attend rehearsal that evening. It wasn’t until they were walking toward the rehearsal hall together that Lisa turned to him and asked, “And what’s your name again?”

While remembering names is admittedly not her strong suit, leadership comes naturally to Lisa Koressel. Currently, she works in commercial construction for Skanska USA Building as Marketing Director, overseeing marketing efforts and staff for five offices in Cincinnati, Nashville, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. It’s a big job, and one she has grown into since becoming the company’s first marketing hire in Cincinnati. Her position also affords her opportunities to serve the community through Cincinnati Community ToolBank and the Student Enterprise Program (StEP).

“Singing in the May Festival Chorus has provided me a way to still have a business career, but to also be a member of a premier arts organization. It’s been my main hobby since graduating from college and provides me fellowship and food for my heart, brain and soul!”

This season marks Lisa’s 20th year as a soprano with the May Festival Chorus. Though she has taken breaks here and there to manage her family and career, we applaud her continued commitment and excellence in making perfect music.

Listen to some of Lisa’s favorite May Festival repertoire here. Learn more about Cincinnati’s Chorus here.