Marinara Sauce


Bob's Marinara Sauce Recipe

Marinara sauce is very popular, especially in my house. Here's an easy recipe for a basic sauce. For use as a topping for pasta, be sure to use an imported pasta brand. DiCecco, while a bit more expensive, is good and reliable. And don't forget to top the pasta with grated imported parmesan cheese. I particularly enjoy this marinara sauce as the topping for my Chicken Parmesan; that recipe follows the marinara recipe.


1 28-oz or 35-oz can of imported San Marzano tomatoes (The quality of the tomatoes is important--try to find tomatoes with the D.O.P. designation on the label. I like LaValle brand.)
8 cloves of garlic, peeled and cut lengthwise into very thin slices
¼ c olive oil, extra virgin
1 c of water
1 stalk of fresh basil (If you don't have this, use a large pinch of dried oregano but not dried basil.)
1 tsp. salt


Put tomatoes into a large bowl and mash them with your fingers or use an immersion blender. Tomatoes should be slightly chunky. Pour the cup of water into the empty tomato can, slosh it around and set aside.

Put the olive oil and garlic slices into a medium-sized sauce pan over medium heat. As soon as the garlic begins to sizzle pour in the tomatoes and the can of water. Don't let the garlic cook any further than a sizzle or the sauce will be too garlicky. Add the salt. Stir. Lay the entire basil stalk on top of the liquid for a few minutes, then submerge. (If using oregano, add and stir in.)

Let the sauce cook at a hard simmer until the water has evaporated and sauce has thickened, 15-20 minutes. You'll notice that the tomato and oil have separated.

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